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Buckley Math & Science Building

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The Triangle Building and the Math & Science Building are the first two buildings to be built at The Buckley School since the 1960’s. The campus, located in Sherman Oaks, is in a canyon setting where the hillside setbacks and various easements have resulted in very few buildable sites, necessitating two story solutions to the 21st Century academic needs. These mid campus buildings establish the Middle and Upper School areas on this K through 12 campus.

To relate to the context of the existing one story 60’s buildings various architectonic elements were used to reduce the perceived mass of these “fraternal twin” structures. The siting of these buildings created new links across the campus and gathering areas for lunch, casual class meetings and group study opportunities.

The gable roof of the “Triangle” building make for dynamic 6th grade classrooms that open up to each other via folding walls to allow for group teaching, an integral aspect of 21st Century teaching. The gable roof of the Math & Science Building is expressed in the seminar room that views across the San Fernando Valley.

The success of these buildings is not only seen in the classrooms, labs and offices, but in the pride of the school.

Client Buckley School

Size 15,000 SF

Completion Date 2014