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AirFlite Terminal & Corporate Facilities

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The four story building is the central facility of a 12 acre site which includes 122,000 sq. ft. of aircraft hangar space, aircraft taxiways and tie-downs, automobile parking and drop-off areas.  Located along the apron of a heavily trafficked taxiway, the central element of the building, a four and one-half story, 50 foot diameter grey glass cylinder serves to both identify the facilities and organize the building’s massing.

At the ground level a two story passenger lounge sits completely within the circular glass space.  Supporting functions including conference and reception rooms, a passenger service counter, private telephone rooms, baggage storage and a catering kitchen (which services the aircraft as well) are located in the white, metal panel-clad wings on each side of the passenger lounge.  On the upper floors, executive offices and conference rooms are flanked by smaller offices and support spaces.

A separate elevator lobby, entered from the parking lot provides access to the upper floor offices during normal business hours.  A canopy covers the automobile drop-off outside the main entrance to the passenger terminal.

Client AirFlite Aviation

Size 36,000 SF

Completion Date 1993